Current projects


I've always got several irons in the fire.  Below are a few of them.

FOOTNOTES: A Sockumentary


Throughout history, people have been wearing socks - and losing them.  This irreverant, yet educational, web series goes in search of history's lost socks and the stories they have to tell.  Appropriate for ages 8-12, each 5-min. episode blends live-action, puppetry, and animation to make history's little known stories entertaining.  


The pilot episode of FOOTNOTES is currently in production.  It is supported by the Television Academy Foundation's Mister Rogers Scholarship.  As well, it has been developed through a Docs in Progress Fellowship.




Since 2012, I have overseen business and financial operations of PBS FRONTLINE documentaries produces by the Investigative Reporting Workshop - twelve to date.  The five most recent episodes have been produced in collaboration with NPR.


 Episodes have included Trump's Trade War; Blackout in Puerto Rico; Poverty, Politics, & Profit; Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria; and Big Sky, Big Money.

Moments of Truth


Political corruption.  Corporate malfeasance.  Abuses of power.  These malignancies of American society have been exposed by unsung heroes - investigative reporters in the pursuit of truth.


With the news media and the very concept of truth now under constant attack, Moments of Truth demonstrates why an independent press is more important than ever in preserving our democracy.


Kris is producing this feature-length documentary through the Investigative Reporting Workshop.  The film is based on the Investigating Power series.  Moments of Truth is currently in pre-production.