You Found me.

A Bit about me


I'm a video media producer with a background in non-profit management and administration.  In 2011 I founded Good.Bye Films.  


Stories are an important way to communicate.  With them, not only do we express ideas, but we communicate emotions and experiences.  Using film and video to tell stories should be an interactive activity.  Only through engaging with what we see can we truly begin to participate in our communities - local and global.  


Through my personal and professional experience, I have developed a passion for performing arts, early education, and enabling others to thrive.  I am excited to help others tell their stories and invite you to participate.  

What someone nice said about me


"Kris Higgins has the creativity and management skill required to bring entertaining and informative programs to the screen. I can speak personally for his ability to share his vision for a project and then see it through.​​​​​​"​  - William T. Doorley, Script Writer & Film/Video Producer